See Spot Run Photography

See Spot Run Photography specializes in providing high quality canine photography services.

  • Corporate Clients — I provide assignment services geared to meet your corporate marketing, product packaging, and branding application needs.
  • Canine Entertainment Professionals — I provide images with just the right mix of dramatic canine action and crowd reaction that are ideal for media, promotion, and marketing of your production.
  • Canine Athletes & Handlers — Using state of the art sports photography equipment, I will capture the beauty, grace, power and agility of your canine athlete.
  • Conformation Professionals & Owner-Handlers — I cater to dog show professionals and owner-handlers seeking stunning, advertisement-quality images of their specials dog or bitch.

Steven Donahue


See Spot Run Photography was born out of my passion for photography and my love of dogs. Since 2002, I have been photographing dogs for clients all across the United States.

I live in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with my wife Nancy and our five dogs — Kipling, Solo, Roo, Justice, and Mojo.